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Who We Are

The Washington Symphonic Brass

The Washington Symphonic Brass is comprised of some of the finest professional musicians in the Washington/Baltimore area. While the members are in constant demand for orchestral, solo, and chamber music performances, they have assembled to play some of the great literature written for large brass ensemble. Conductor Milt Stevens and Trumpeter Phil Snedecor formed this group of players out of their love of and excitement about this fine literature. Individually, the members of the WSB have performed with many of the nation's best orchestras, such as The National Symphony, The Baltimore Symphony, and The Philadelphia Orchestra, among other illustrious institutions. The WSB performs throughout the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan area, appearing at some of the great performance spaces on the east coast. Specializing in compositions written for large brass ensemble and percussion (four trumpets, four horns, four trombones, euphonium, tuba, timpani, and percussion instruments) with organs, choruses, and other instruments optional, the varied repertoire of the Washington Symphonic Brass covers five centuries.

Incorporated in the State of Maryland, the Washington Symphonic Brass is a not-for-profit 501c(3) corporation. Our IRS form 990 and our Schedule A is avaliable upon request. We are sponsored, in part, by the Maryland State Arts Council and the Cultural Arts Foundation of Anne Arundel County. In addition to these organizations, we are supported by individual and corporate donors.


Milton Stevens, Co-founder of The Washington Symphonic Brass

In Memoriam

Milton Stevens 1942-2007

Milt Stevens was the Music director, conductor and co-founder of the Washington Symphonic Brass. Along with Phil Snedecor, Milt conceived, guided, and built The Washington Symphonic Brass into a premier ensemble. He gave enthusiastically, willingly, and unselfishly toward the development and furtherance of this ensemble. Milt leaves behind an academic and musical legacy. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends and colleagues.


The Artists

Phil Snedecor, co-founder, manager and arranger of The Washington Symphonic Brass.

Co-founder, manager and arranger

Phil Snedecor

If you are interested in WSB arrangements created by Phil Snedecor, please visit

The Trumpet Section - Phil Snedecor, Mathew Harding, Scott Sabo, Chris Gekker.

The Trumpet Section

Phil Snedecor, Matthew Harding, Scott Sabo, Chris Gekker

(left to right)

Low Brass Section - David Brown, Paul Schultz, David Sciannella, Bryan Bourne and Charles Casey.

Low Brass Section

David BrownPaul Schultz,
David SciannellaBryan Bourne and Charles Casey

(left to right) 

The Horn Section - Chandra Cervantes, Amy Horn, Teresa Bosch and Marty Hackleman.

The Horn Section

Chandra Cervantes, Amy Horn
Teresa Bosch and marty hackleman 

(left to right) 

Tuba - David Brown.
Percussion - Kelly Hackleman (Piano), Joe Connell, Bill Richards and Shari Rak.


Kelly Hackleman (piano), Joe Connell, Bill Richards and Shari Rak

(left to right)


Board of Advisors


Leonard Slatkin
Ginger Culpepper
David Hickman
Ted Libbey


William Neil
Thomas Beveridge
Max Culpepper Edward Kelly


Raymond Mase
Samuel Pilafian
Robert Shafer Bruce Brieny



Luis Haza
Douglas Major
Gerard Schwarz
Brad Spencer